About Tenacity Media

Founder’s Profile – Maryann Maloney Marino, Founder and President

Provide clients with strategic public relations, media relations, public affairs, advocacy, coalition building and marketing communications solutions.

A communications professional dedicated to helping clients keep their audiences informed.

Maryann Maloney founded Maryann Maloney & Associates, Inc. in 1998 to provide full service public relations, media relations, and public affairs advisory services after she left the public affairs office of the California Department of Social Services.

Since forming her own firm, Maryann Maloney has provided public relations, media relations, and public affairs guidance to a list of highly visible clients including: PacifiCare and its successor, UnitedHealth Care, Safeway, the Orange County Great Park, and Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse. Prior to serving in state government, Maryann was the government affairs officer for a Los Angeles hospital and did political fund raising. She has directed statewide multi-media campaigns, led crisis management efforts, developed image branding for organizations/ issues and provided political advocacy services. She is frequently heard on radio and seen on television throughout California as part of her advocacy effort.

Maryann Maloney has received national recognition from the American Tort Reform Association for her collaborative effort with the development industry to educate homeowners about alternatives for settling construction disputes. She also received the Ruby Slipper Award, on two separate occasions, from the Building Industry Association of Orange County.

Maryann Maloney earned a B.S. degree in business administration from the University of Southern California and is a graduate of the CORO public affairs program. She serves on the St. Francis Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors. She is a member of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, the Orange County Press Club, the Orange County Public Affairs Association, the Orange County Taxpayer’s Association, and the Orange County Business Council.


Who We Are

A focused team with more than 60 years combined experience in developing public relations, public affairs and marketing communications solutions.

Maryann Maloney & Associates, Inc., founded ten years ago, is a twenty-first century, virtual public relations collaboration that provides comprehensive public relations, media relations, public affairs, social marketing, conference and event coordination, graphic design, community outreach and marketing communications services to clients who require solid professional skill resources and the ability to identify and to build relationships at the local community, as well as local regional and state agency levels. The business capitalizes on the founder’s extensive experience with the public affairs office of the California Department of Social Services, where she served as part of Governor Pete Wilson’s administration, and her government relations affiliations with Los Angeles and Orange County health care providers and political fund raising organizations. We have a team of professionals with backgrounds in writing, public affairs, graphic design, community outreach, communications, finance, and marketing and sales.

Our extended network of relationships among public officials in the Southern California region (Los Angeles and Orange Counties), and Sacramento provides unique value to our clients.

About Tenacity Media

Use Public Service Announcements to Inform and Educate

TenacityMedia develops and places public service announcements. Our focus is working with clients interested in using public service announcements to promote causes or to educate broadcast, cable or internet audiences.

TenacityMedia develops message content, produces and distributes targeted public service announcements to national, regional and local broadcast  and cable media, both radio and television. We also upload PSAs and public affairs content to internet sites. In addition to placing PSAs, we schedule guests for news and public affairs radio and television programs.

TenacityMedia helps clients continue their brand building activities through the promotion of their “community citizenship” and “stewardship” activities by providing useful and interesting program content that informs and educates.

TenacityMedia’s services include writing, producing and distributing, and monitoring public service announcements. Services also include guest booking for public affairs programs.

We track and report the results of aired public service announcements and interviews.

TenacityMedia produces recorded content in segments, features, and programming that can be distributed to stations in English, Spanish or other languages.

TenacityMedia is the platform for those who want to provide specific public affairs content to broadcast and internet media in a cost efficient manner that also tracks placement results!

What We Do

Provide clients with strategic public relations, media relations, public affairs, advocacy, coalition building and marketing communications solutions.

Public Relations

Maryann Maloney & Associates develops traditional public relations programs for you to increase the penetration of your messages and themes, build brand awareness, and increase your general positioning. We build broad public awareness campaigns using a full spectrum of traditional and new media public relations strategies and tactics, working closely with you to understand your needs and then implement the campaigns using the most appropriate tools that will provide the most effective results.

Media Relations

We help you tell your stories and manage the process of getting your message to the public by providing you with comprehensive media services including release development, press kits, access to comprehensive media resources, media events and conferences, media monitoring, training and spokesperson support.

Public Affairs

Government policy outcomes can often have an impact on your organization. We help you forge strong relationships with local, regional and state leadership. We work to ensure that you are up to date on current policy developments and carry your messages to policy leaders so they have the information needed to make informed decisions.


We serve as your voice to carry your message to targeted audiences, whether they are government, public or private. We work with you to develop appropriate communications, including comprehensive white papers or simpler focused collateral, to clearly explain your issues. Our existing relationships with public officials serve as your communications channel to deliver your message.

Coalition Building

For those interested in building links with others who desire to achieve similar outcomes, we create and establish collaborations with public and private entities. Our experience and relationships facilitate you finding partners and building coalitions.

Marketing Communications

We assist you to develop and promote your branding messages by developing marketing collateral that promotes your strengths, and defines your place in the market. In working with you, we strive to create compelling market communications. We produce sales and promotional materials, brochures, newsletters and websites. We create audience-grabbing presentations to make meetings more interesting and effective.